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What’s Missing? – A Simple Children’s Guessing Game.

My 5yo granddaughter Tahlia asked to play a game that we used to play two years ago called “What’s Missing?”. It’s a favourite of hers.
You can introduce this game when kids are 2.5 to 3 years old. As they grow older you can add more objects to increase the difficulty.

This is how to play it:

  1. Gather four items and place them in a row in front of you on the floor, with your child sitting facing you.
  2. Point to each item and name it.
  3. Say, “Can you close your eyes? When you close your eyes I will take something away and then you guess what is missing”.
  4. Say, “Close your eyes”. Then take one item and hide it behind your back.
  5. Say, “Open your eyes!”
  6. Ask, “What’s missing?”

Now it’s the child’s turn to select an item.

  1. Show how to look carefully at each item in the row to remember what is there.
  2. Say, “I’m going to close my eyes and you can take one item and hide it behind your back”.
  3. Close your eyes and after a short while ask “Can I open my eyes?”. Wait until the child gives you permission to look.
  4. Then you guess “What’s Missing?”.

You can increase or decrease the number of items, and you can also use a blindfold.
This is a fun guessing game that improves memory and that children love.

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