Intuitive Parenting – book coming soon.

I am also nearly finished an eBook Intuitive Parenting From Birth To Six and it will be published on Amazon Kindle soon.

My aim is to provide parents with ideas and strategies mainly based on their own feelings, but also backed up with the experience and knowledge I gained as a Montessori preschool director, a mother of three, and grandmother of seven.

I am passionate about sharing some enlightening knowledge about development and learning in children of this age.

The book acknowledges the crucial role of parents and encourages them to use their intuition as they carry out their role. It explains what parents can provide to facilitate their child’s growth following the natural stages of development.

Don’t miss the bus!

Some things need to be provided at a certain age and I think it is vital that parents, who want the best for their children know that this is necessary, because if the bus is missed it is the last and only bus for that destination.

This book explains how to provide the right means at the right time, and how particular elements impact on the character of the child.

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