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For children aged 2 to 5 years.

At this young age children are learning through their senses, so it is beneficial to refine the senses by allowing them to differentiate the qualities of an object.

The Montessori Mystery Bag Game.

This game develops children’s stereognostic sense, the ability to identify objects by touch.

  • You will need a bag and some items to put in the bag.
  • Before the game starts line up the items on the floor in front of you, and clearly name each one.
  • The items are then put inside the bag.
  • You take control of the bag, only allowing the child to put his hand in to feel for an item to select.
  • The child only chooses one item, and he feels it and names it. Then he is allowed to pull it from the bag to confirm what it is.
  • You then take turns to put your hand in the Mystery Bag. The game can be played with several children, all taking turns.
  • This game is sensorial, but is also a way to indirectly give the names of objects and improve vocabulary.

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