This is a ritual that adds charm to life and gives children an opportunity to share their personal touch. It is an act of caring for the environment, and allows them to contribute to the family or class community.

The Set Up: Provide a low Flower Arranging table or a tray with the following materials:

  • Several attractive small vases and one or two little bowls. These are best made of ceramic and there should be an assortment of sizes.
  • A pair of small scissors to cut the stems.
  • A small jug for water.
  • A small sponge for any water spills.
  • A little basket to carry the cut flowers.

The Procedure:

  • Go for a walk in the garden and take along the basket and some scissors to cut flowers.
  • Let the child select flowers and if they are hard to pick, offer the scissors to cut them.
  • Gather an assortment of flowers, some with long stems and some with short stems.
  • Show how to place the flowers carefully in the basket.
  • Bring the basket full of flowers back to the table to sort.
  • Unpack the flowers and lay them on the table next to the vases.
  • Fill the vases with water from the water jug. The child can soak up any spills with the sponge.
  • Demonstrate how to take one flower, consider how long the stem is and whether you need to cut the stem to fit into the vase.
  • Match the flower and stem to the most suitable vase. Tall stems in the long vases; and short stems in the squat vases.
  • Let the child choose if another flower goes in the same vase or in a different one.
  • Show how flowers without stems float in a bowl of water to keep them fresh.

After some time, there will be several vases and bowls with flowers arranged.
The child can carry the completed arrangements to different locations.


When there is a shortage of flowers you may find some green stems as a substitute.
The leaves you select could be different shades of green or colours and the child can arrange them in vases as decoration.
Preferably select greenery with soft stems for children to cut them with the scissors.

After demonstrating this procedure Flower Arranging can take place spontaneously.

If convenient you could provide a low table outside next to the garden.

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